Evolis Advanced Cleaning Kit - ACL002

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Evolis Zenius, Primacy and Edikio Advanced Cleaning Kit - ACL002

Plastic card printing requires routine printer cleaning as cards can have high static charges and can attract dust and dirt. To help you maintain your printer’s performance and lifespan, Evolis supplies cleaning kits to perform extensive cleaning of the equipment. The Evolis cleaning kits are designed for optimum cleaning of your printer. A good cleaning allows for a better lifespan of the printer and better printing quality.

Advanced Cleaning Kit includes:

  • 2 Saturated T Cards - for cleaning transport rollers
  • 2 Adhesive Cleaning cards - for cleaning the card rollers
  • 1 Cleaning Pen - for cleaning the print head
  • 60 Wipes - for cleaning the printer

Compatible With:

  • Zenius
  • Primacy (1st Generation)
  • Primacy 2
  • Edikio Flex
  • Edikio Duplex

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