DYMO Organizer Xpress Embossing Machine Organiser Label Maker

Sale price$20.90
Easily create embossed labels for your workshop or home office
Comfortable, durable and easy to use, the Organiser Express is the perfect label maker for cost-conscious homeowners, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

For millions of adults and children, the handheld labeler is a big favorite. It's so easy to afford and simple to use.
  • Home embossing label maker
  • Set of 49 different characters
  • Uses 3D 9mm wide tapes and casettes
  • Incorporated tab-cutting for easy removal of the protective tape- backing
  • Prints sharp white 3.70mm high characters, including $ and @ signs
  • Ergonomic 'soft touch' handle with rubber grip
  • No batteries needed
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