Deskmate Pre-Inked Office Stamp 'Entered (Date & By)' Red - 0273550

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Deskmate Pre-Inked Office Stamp Entered (Date & By) Red 0273550

Deskmate office stamps are durable, reliable and suitable for high volume office use. They are ideal for all your mailing, faxing, copying, emailing, data entry needs that come up in any office environment. These stamps are ergonomic and easy to use. The stamps provide approximately 100,000 sharp impressions and can easily be reinked when necessary.


  • "Entered" with date & by in red
  • Built-In ink supply ensures thousands of perfect impressions before re-Inking is required
  • Smooth stamping mechanism with exceptional imprint quality
  • Can only be re-Inked with deskmate stamp ink
  • Cap protects the stamp from damage and prevents accidental imprints
  • Interlinking feature - a perspex base designed to interlink all deskmate office stamps 


  • Product Code : 0273550
  • Impression Area: 35 x 10 mm
  • Number of Impressions : Up to 100,000
  • Product Size : 55W x 56H x 24D mm
  • Reinkable : Yes
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