Avery #959053 White Matte Laser Inkjet Removable Multi-Purpose Rectangle Labels 84UP 46 x 11.1mm - L7656REV (2100 Labels/25 Sheets)

Sale price$43.73

A label is not just for addressing an envelope or a parcel, there’s thousands more uses than you think. There are labels for products and pricing, marking possession and property, organising and filing and identifying CDs, DVDs and other types of media storage. Avery Removable Multi-purpose Labels are designed for many different uses around the home or office and come in a range of sizes to suit your labelling needs.

This 46 x 11.11mm size white label is a perfect fit for labelling 35mm slides to identify the slide content at a glance and is suitable for various other applications like labelling office equipment for easy reference. The removable adhesive sticks securely but removes easily without leaving any residue so each time you reuse your slide mounts, you label can be replaced with ease.

With our FREE and easy-to-use software Avery Design & Print online, you can easily create your slide labels. Whether you choose a pre-designed label template or start from scratch with your own design, you can trust our software to deliver smart, stand-out results.


  • Labels adhere securely to any smooth surface and can be easily removed when needed
  • Jam-Free™ reliability for trouble free printing on Laser printers, saving time and minimising wastage
  • Customise your labels with our free and easy-to-use template software; Avery Design and Print - available at averyproducts.com.au/print
  • Labels peel off easily when required, enabling you to update information easily or use the item again
  • Perfect for temporary identification
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